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Wireless Temperature Monitoring System

Wireless temperature measurement products are suitable for temperature monitoring of cable joints, circuit breaker contacts, copper bars, cables, and equipment surfaces in medium-voltage and low-voltage switchgear, and reflect the operating status of equipment in a timely, continuous and accurate manner to improve the safety.

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2)Temperature display
5) Web/APP
1) In Medium and Low Voltage Cabinets--with display
2) In Medium and Low Voltage Cabinets--without display
3) In Medium and Low Voltage Cabinets (centralized on-site display/on-site no display)


Dec 24, 2020

The wireless receiver uploads the temperature data to the Acrel-2000T wireless temperature measurement system by MODBUS-RTU protocol through the RS485 interface. The system can shows the real-time temperature of each monitoring point, it also has functions such as reports, data curves, and event records.