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Smart Lighting Control System Solution

Smart Lighting Control System


Acrel new-generation lighting control solution with its own intellectual property rights is based on the mature RS485 communication control technology.

At the same time, it introduces carrier sense and collision detection mechanism, and realizes real-time two-way communication between multiple machines. The super-6 shielded network cable used in the wire can solve the problem of communication and power supply at one time.

The system can integrate a variety of independent control functions into one system, integrating many advantages such as comfort, flexibility,safety, energy saving and economy, and convenient maintenance.

It is mainly used in the control field of large-scale construction projects such as factories,houses,buildings,data center, hotel,school,office building,stations and metro,shopping mall,factory,airport,sports stadium.logistics center and tunnels,exhibition venue,landscape lighting,hospital,residential community.

  • Data Center

  • Office Building

  • Factory Building

  • Logistics Center

  • Landscape Lighting

  • Hotel

  • Stations and Metro

  • Airport

  • Bridges and Tunnel

  • Hospital

  • School

  • Shopping Mall

  • Sports Stadium

  • Exhibition Venue

  • Residential Community


1. RS485 bus technology, mature and reliable technology, safe and stable. It is the most widely used field control bus technology in the market at present.

2. The traditional RS485 bus can only use the half-duplex working mode of one master and multiple slaves. Ankerui innovatively introduces the

carrier sense and collision detection mechanism, enabling it to realize real-time omnidirectional communication between multiple hosts.

3. Using super-6 shielded network cables, and referring to POE power supply technology, the system power supply and communication are

solved in the same cable. The construction cost and the labor intensity of wiring and troubleshooting are greatly reduced.

4. With distributed bus structure, each module in the system can work independently without interdependence, and the system reliability is higher.

5. The bus components and on-site control panel operate under the safe low voltage of DC 24V, which makes manual operation safer.

6. When upgrading components in the system or updating system functions, there is no need to rewire or shut down the entire system, which is convenient for maintenance.

7. To achieve multi-point control, there is no need to add connecting lines, only need to change the device parameters, and the operation is simple.

8. A variety of control methods can be selected, such as local control, automatic induction control, timing control, scene control and centralized

control, etc., and the control method is more flexible.

9. It can be linked with the fire protection system. When a fire alarm occurs, the emergency circuit is forced to open to facilitate evacuation.

10. The system can be self-contained, or it can be interconnected with BA system through OPC.


Scene control

Time control

Centralized control

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